Making masking a guilt-free pleasure

"We're dedicated to innovating in both skin care & planet care."

- Vitamasques Team

Facts Only ✌

Through our partnership with Cleanhub we're helping clean up plastic waste with the goal to go plastic-positive. Plus, we're making big changes in our products and manufacturing by...

💨 Decreasing 48% of carbon emissions during production.

🌲 Planting trees via Tree-Nation as part of a carbon recapture initiative with the aim to offset and go positive in the future.

🐇 Continued commitment to zero-animal cruelty by switching to vegan-based inks.

✨ Implementing new innovative technology that focus on sustainable practices.

Cleanhub x Tridi Oasis

We're working with female-owned and environmentally focused recycling centre Tridi Oasis to make a reality changing difference thanks to Cleanhub.

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🙌 Sustainable Sheet Masks

Both the Biodegradable Collection & Juicy Collection include sheet masks which 83% of biodegrade fully within 6 months, that means a whole lot less waste.

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Innovative Packaging

93% Decomposition after 21 months

We're both equally proud and excited to introduce the world to mask packaging that biodegrades fully within 2 years by removing metal-inlays, switching to eco-print techniques and a plant-based cellulose film inside.

*This packaging was part of an 88-week trial that saw 93% of pouches biodegrade on completion.

The 'S' Word: What does "Sustainability" mean in a world of one-use products?

"There are currently 100 companies responsible for 71% of all global emissions, and as a small company we are not following in those footsteps instead set on helping lead the way to a more socially responsible end-result."

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