our pledge

We are deeply saddened by the injustices we've witnessed in recent times, and we want to do our part in helping to educate, support and be part of the change we need in the world, right now - not in the future.

As a small business and team we have individually donated to multiple causes and attended protests and are continuing to support the black lives matter movement in any other way we can.

What we are looking at are ways of providing opportunities through Mentorship and Internship schemes, and continuing to show representation in our brand through Black models, and people we choose to work with.

Below you will find a list resources to enact change with... and we sincerely hope that we, as a collective can move past these issues through empathy and education.

There are so many more resources and people of interest out there, and we encourage everyone to do their own research and find the voices that need to be heard on these matters. Let's start educating everyone around us.

Sincerely, the Vitamasques Team